Case Histories

  • Concrete/Stucco/Adhesive
    This case involved rust stains on a stucco exterior.  GZA proved galvanized lath (as claimed) was not the cause of the staining.  After investigation, it was discovered that the staining was actually caused by metal particles common to portland cement, and as such could be reasonably anticipated.  GZA developed and recommended a chemical removal for …
  • Elastomeric Sealant
    Elastomeric Sealant
    GZA was called in six months after a sealant installation to determine why the elastomeric sealant in a large exterior reflecting pool was only partially cured.  Upon inspection, it was found that the pool was cured in only half the installation while the remaining portion was not cured and depolymerized.  GZA investigated the history of …
  • Roofing/Waterproofing, Concrete, Asphaltic Paving, Masonry
    Roofing/Waterproofing, Concrete, Asphaltic Paving, Masonry
    In this situation, a condo association alleged that their sponsor’s work, done as part of the conversion agreement, was improperly completed. GZA inspected and evaluated the work and analyzed opposing expert reports, concluding that approximately eighty percent of the work was proper. A mutually acceptable settlement was achieved.
  • OSHA and Safety
    OSHA and Safety
    In this case, a driver slipped on fixed ladder on a truck.  GZA recommended to the litigator that driver’s shoes at time of accident be examined.  It was found he wasn’t wearing the proper safety shoes supplied by his company.  GZA proved the truck was in compliance with OSHA and other safety requirements, and a  …
  • OSHA and Coatings
    OSHA and Coatings
    This investigation involved toxic fume issues due to failure to follow safety regulations.  Fumes from a solvent-based sealer installed in an outdoor parking lot entered the building through windows and the ventilation system, causing illness and nausea to the occupants. GZA proved this was due to contractor negligence, in that no precautions were taken to …
  • Coatings and Sealant
    Coatings and Sealant
    This case involved paint peeling from galvanized metal panels. Gerald Zakim Associates tested both the paint and panels in question, and found the contractor had painted over old paint.  Though it appeared to be sound, the adhesion was so poor that new paint coating, while compatible, pulled the old paint off during its drying and …
  • Waterproofing
    GZA received a request to investigate faulty waterproofing in an exterior reflecting pool that was causing leaks in a cafeteria below. GZA inspected the area, ran tests, and found that the contractor did not check the structure for leaks prior to installing a metal sheet waterproofing. It was found that the pipes in the slab …
  • Tile
    GZA reviewed all aspects of the tile installation, including maintenance, and found that a floor washer/scrubber was being used and imposing point loads on the tile floor beyond its service limits. GZA recommended discontinuing use of this equipment.  The quarry tile floor now performing as required.  Litigation was avoided and the tile contractor was paid …
  • Tile and Marble
    Tile and Marble
    In this case that we handled, there were leaks in bath and shower, the marble had extensive lippage, and was mismatched in color with irregular grout.  GZA proved that the surface to which the tile and marble had been applied was not properly prepared for wet service, and was not shaded before installation.  Further inspection …
  • Slips and Falls, Coefficient of Friction, Coating
    Slips and Falls, Coefficient of Friction, Coating
    In this situation, a visitor to a company slipped on the painted driveway. The victim claimed the driveway wasn’t slip proof, arguing that the owner was negligent? Gerald Zakim Associates ran several certified tests, proving that the paint was within industry standards. The lawsuit was dropped.