Construction consultation and expert witnessing involves working closely with architects, engineers, public agencies, owners, developers, co-op and condo boards, realtors, the insurance industry and legal professionals. The consultant often faces a difficult question – how to bridge the gap between being viewed as a problem-maker by the opponent and a problem-solver by the client. The client in one matter may be the adversary in another.  Working with both sides to get the job done effectively takes the kind of experience and expertise clients count on from Gerald Zakim Associates (GZA).

The firm’s expertise is a result of more than 75 years of direct involvement in many aspects of the construction industry; from manufacturing materials, working with architects, specification writers, owners and developers in adapting existing products and creating new ones to meeting the rapidly and constantly changing needs of each project and the industry. Through feedback from such work, products such as URELOID™ (a one part polyurethane based waterproofing), and TILE TITE™ (a one part polyurethane based membrane designed to directly receive tile), were created with countless millions of square feet installed successfully. Experiences such as these have provided the firm with insight into solving problems encountered in both design and/or the installation phase of construction.

GZA has successfully expanded its areas of consulting work into compatible jurisdictions including: slips, trips, stumbles, falls, ladders, scaffolds, OSHA, accident reconstruction, marine safety, elevators, escalators, firearms, accident reconstruction, and many other disciplines.